Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Coffee and bagels

I'm sitting in Starbucks with coffee & bagel in hand, reading another texted apology from my husband of close to twenty years. Enough time has lapsed for him to realize that he is sorry for whatever words/actions (or lack thereof) on his behalf that have driven me away from our temporarily unblissful domicile. I do know that he doesn’t understand or ‘get it’. If he did I wouldn’t be here.

I also know that our marriage will most likely always be like this; that it (and he) won’t be changing anytime soon. When people marry, they often forget to visualize exactly how long "forever" is.

This is my reality. It is what it is. I sip and chew, and stew.I am thankful for my faith, and for my independent personality. I remind myself of all the good things and good times, of which there are many, that far out weigh the frustrating ones. I think that writing about our life and family could be helpful for others. Knowing that one is not alone can be an encouragement. It's one thing to read about challenges, it's another to read how real people cope.

I breath deeply and begin to relax. I fire up my Kindle and hit 'humor' in StumbleUpon.

Marriage can be hard. Especially when married to a man with Aspergers Syndrome. But laughing helps.


  1. Woohooo! Your blog is up and rolling! You will bless may, Julie.

  2. This blog is dedicated to the tall, dark, handsome man
    with the incredible sense of humor
    who swept me off my feet twenty years ago
    and has kept me completely off balance ever since.

    I am eternally grateful that you have chosen to put up with me.

    Live hasn’t been dull, Sweetie!

  3. no offence but you sound like you have aspergers. Stop making your husband into a joke and grab a mirror

    1. lol - now THAT is a different perspective! thank you for sharing your opinion - i assume you are also a woman married to a man with aspergers - if you don't mind, please email me your blog link so i can read about how you honor your husband - i love to learn! my husband reads all of my posts & occasionally has me correct something from his viewpoint - otherwise, he loves my blogs! no joke...