Tuesday, June 17, 2014

DON'T hop on Pop!

I've always loved Dr. Seuss books. I've loved reading them to my kidlets. My kids have always loved hearing them, as well as learning to read those jolly stories themselves. I never grew tired of hearing them read those musical tales aloud.

My kids believed Dr. Seuss. They knew from an early age to avoid green eggs with ham. They never wanted to stay alone for fear The Cat in the Hat would show up and ruin our home. Some of my kids are actually named after characters in those books.

And some how, regardless of how much their dad loved to play with them all, they knew that they were never, ever, ever allowed to hop on Pop.

As much as Steve joins in with the kids' hide n go seek games, pirate games, cowboy games, air soft and paintball games, crazy variations of baseball / football / volleyball / croquet / ladder golf games (mainly because my spouse can't seem to remember any of those rules), he can NOT tolerate people jumping on him or touching him. 

He avoids being 'tagged' as you or I would avoid the bubonic plague or leprosy.

This has been confusing to me, for The Hubster was an instant hand holder with me after we met. He usually snuggles too closely to me in theaters, at restaurants or on our huge couch for my own comfort. 

"Steve, please give me some space - I can't breathe!"

I wonder if the unwaivering avoidance of tumbling, poking, prodding, and jumping-upon has to do with his abhorrent dislike of unexpected contact with others. He seems fine if he initiates the contact. However, if he isn't expecting it, he goes bananas, literally jumping out of his skin.

This seems to be a fairly standard reaction in many Aspergians. I was reading about this on the Wrong Planet Discussion Board recently.

As with most human preferences and behaviors, this negative reaction can vary from Aspie to Aspie, but it is something I really have to work on as I am an instant hugger from way back. I have to watch myself when exuberant as I need to ascertain that The Hubster is anticipating and conducive to a hug before latching on or even brushing up against him.

Sooooo, as for me and my house, we will NOT hop on Pop!

Hopping on Mom is an entirely different story, lol.


  1. Same Same, and it changes everyday. We never know what reaction from Hubby to expect and despite 20 years, I always get it wrong.

    Its very confusing for our son who is a hugger and still climbs into bed at 17, over 100kg's and over 6ft. Son cannot work out that he's too big or that at his age he probably shouldnt be doing it, he just says he doesnt care. Which is correct, he doesnt care about how you feel, he just lays on top of me/us and he is very heavy. Its all about him. He's just as likely to spoon Dad and he is me. Im not sure how to deal with it and i dont want to tell him he cant cuddle us, we are the only people in his world. I make sure that if he is in a good mood i just go up and hug him so that he gets his fill. Son is very tactile and often has a doona on him while on the couch (all year round).

    1. wow - your son has gotten big! our manlet is now 6'3" but only about 205 lbs - he is handing clothing 'down' to his dad, lol

    2. Way too big, he has no control with food and is also very lazy. I don't know how to motivate him and he cares about so little. His food preferences exclude anything healthy like salads or casseroles and soups full of veggies. He lives on bread and cheese.