Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Color of Love...

is rain.

Yep, I know that rain is technically clear, but in this photo I can see how much my husband loves his son.

Steve is not a sports orientated guy. If he had his druthers, Super Bowl Sunday would consist of table laden rhapsodies of food and snacks, with nary a sign of the infamous ball game in sight. All of the TVs in the house would be tuned in to the History or Military channels. 

Preferably both on split screen.

Our youngest kidlet is the d end on strong side. He is in the foreground on the right side of this photo. The funny thing is that I didn't even notice Steve at first.

In the background, in the bright orange Carhartt raingear he received from his parents as a birthday gift, holding one of the side markers, is my husband.

In between the two are hot, sweaty football players and hundreds of millions of gallons of skin soaking rain. 

Even as cool and wet as it was, the players are still steaming.

I hate being cold and wet, so I was safely tucked away in warm layers of clothing, swaddled in a waterproof fleece blanket, perched under the massive roof above our high school's wonderful stadium on a canvas stadium seat that keeps my 'seat' warm and dry.

Go team!

Frankly, I don't know how Steve can stand out there hour after hour in the deluge. I would be a whining, sniveling mess. When I, and others around me in the stadium, thank Steve during half time for volunteering on the team's chain gang, he simply shrugs and says, "No problem".

Uh huh.

After we got home that night and The Hubster had changed into dry clothes, I asked him how he endured the nasty weather.

His answer humbled me.

"I love Kidlet," he mumbled hesitantly.

Now that I have this photo, I can clearly see that.

Well done, Sweetie!


  1. Awesome effort and yes they do surprise you dont they, sometimes. At times it seems they are not capable of love and then others they are so upfront about it when other men would shy away or be embarrassed. Well Done Steve, and i bet you feel good. I had to laugh at his TV preferences, its the same at our house. Its either military, history or engineering.

    1. it's amazing how often i forget, even after years of writing this blog, to focus on the positive, and possibly even over look these quiet, unassuming joys...

  2. That is so awesome. Well done Steve!

  3. One thing I can say about my ASH is that he LOVES his children. He would go to the moon and back for them. Especially when it comes to sports. I think you and I really lucked out as so many Aspies have trouble spending so much time with their kids.