Friday, December 26, 2014


"Has anyone seen the Christmas Cake?" I ask as I shove stuff around in the fridge.

Our youngest son and our grandson were playing a video football game, The Hubster was reading on the couch, eldest son and daughter-in-law were in another room watching a movie.

I waited a couple of minutes, looking in a few cupboards just in case someone hadn't realized it needed refrigeration, then asked again.

Youngest son suggested that perhaps oldest son had finished it off. I was just about to walk down the hallway to see if there was any left when I glanced at my spouse's face.

It was twisted in a grimace that could only be guilt or shame.

"Sweetie," I inquire as gently as possible, "Did you eat the rest of the cake?"

Sweetie's foot at the end of his left leg perched across his right knee began to flap furiously. He steadfastly stared at his book and remained mute.

"Steve!" I spoke more sharply. "Do you know what happened to the rest of the cake?"

"Yes!" he barked. "I ate it! I didn't get any last night!"

"We had brownie sundaes for dessert last night, Dear, not cake."

"Well, I didn't get any and I should be allowed to eat anything I want!" insisted He of imagined dessert deprivation.

"But Sweetheart, there were two big pieces, or four small pieces left!" proclaimeth I, growing aggravated. "We could have each had a piece as well as the two kids. I wish you could have checked with me before eating it. It was there when I put our dinner leftovers away a little while ago!"

"You told me three weeks ago that I talk too much and you didn't want to hear me speak again!" blurts Hubby.

My exasperation was growing.

"True, but that was in response to your third day of yabbering on and on about something that was done and over. I told you that we couldn't go back and change that situation, so we just had to live with it. It had nothing to do with the cake tonight!"

"Well, but you once said..." He seemed preparing to launch into other situations and excuses. 

I held up my hand to stop him. "Never mind. I'm going to bed."

I grabbed my phone and book, and I did exactly that.

With no excuses, lol.


  1. Im sorry to be laughing at your situation but i think im laughing with you not at you. Either way, i needed that. I spoke to Hubby's mother today and she told me that she could not remember a Christmas ever that was good. I feel im living her life over again.

    1. when it comes to life, laughing helps, so chortle away! we can make our own happiness, though it's sad when our loved ones can't or don't share it...

  2. Love the cake story, same thing happened here over Christmas too. I often find myself chuckling at something bizarre that Mr H has said or done, such a shame though that we can't laugh together.
    Hannah x

  3. I'm laughing with you too! Have read some of your blog posts and comments today - isn't it unbelievable that we are all married to the same man!
    Hannah x

    1. thank you for reading! i remember feeling so alone and misunderstood - especially when the hubster made 'rude' or insensitive remarks - of course our aspie think's that he is just 'being honest'

      oh oh oh! is THAT where the term 'brutally honest' comes from? lol

  4. I'm laughing with you too! This situation is a regular occurrence in our house as well. Are we married to the same man?
    Hannah x

  5. Great post which make me laugh its really very essential to laugh it will make a spark in your life.Your blog is too good keep posting more.

  6. hey I read few blogs of you , they are really good and especially this cake story. i am also laughing with you.