Thursday, September 13, 2012


Bananas, nuts, crazy, wild, ballistic, cuckoo. Mad, daft, demented, lunatic, insane, barmy.
Are those with Aspergers Syndrome mentally handicapped?
I was reviewing comments and messages for this blog, and had mentioned to Steve how amazing it was to me to know that my blog has been read in over one hundred different countries around the world.
“Isn’t that fantastic?” I asked.
“No,” he responded, “It’s scary.”
“Scary?” quizzed I. “How is it scary?”
I wondered if he was concerned about identity theft, or something along those lines.
“All those people thinking that I am mentally handicapped is scary,” he explained.
I was stunned at Steve’s response. Say what?
I immediately did a search for Aspergers and mental ‘illness’. Google referred me to a post by Rachel, a mom of an Aspie (her blog is listed below).

After reading the blog several times, I sat and thought for a bit. I decided to ask Steve about his perception of his mental health.
“How are you mentally handicapped?” I asked my Sweetie. “Are you unable to be married or have a family?”
My hubby conceded that he wasn’t.
“Are you unable to be employed or maintain employment?” After all, he just had his twenty-fifth anniversary with his company.
Again he answered in the negative.
“Can you function in society, albeit a bit differently at times, but still attend public functions, family and friends get-togethers, social events, and such?”
Steve acknowledged his capabilities in these areas.
Granted, he does experience periods of mild depression or anxiety. We all have our own foibles. But does this manifest into mental illness or handicaps?
“So exactly how are you handicapped?” I inquire.
He had no answer for me.
To which, I believe, is the answer.

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