Tuesday, September 25, 2012


“I don’t pretend to be Captain Weird. I just do what I do.” Johnny Depp
“I’m one of those regular weird people.” Janis Joplin
“I use to think anyone doing anything weird was weird. Now I know that it is the people that call others weird that are weird.” Paul McCartney
“Know what’s weird? Day by day, nothing seems to change. But pretty soon, everything’s different.” Bill Watterson
“I never set out to be weird. It was always other people who called me weird.” Frank Zappa
To give a slight twist to a line from Forrest Gump, weird is as weird does.
I was reminded this morning about how unique and different each human being on this earth is. Thank you Lord that there are no other humans exactly like me. What a scary thought.
While many of my husband’s Aspie traits can make him appear ‘weird’ to those around him who aren’t aware of his Aspergers Syndrome, there are many things about me, a neurotypical (someone not on the autism spectrum), that may be construed as being weird also.

I am a woman who hates shopping, loves cars, baseball and football, and prefers to ‘play’ with the boys rather than dress up and go out with the girls.
I love cooking and ‘homemaking’, but hate house cleaning.
I love to read, and I love writing fiction or about specific life events, but I hate to write notes or letters.
I adore throwing parties but hate going to other people’s homes for parties.
I love Facebook and I hate LinkedIn.
I’m weird. My life doesn’t make sense to many people, but my husband ‘gets’ me. Oddly enough, I usually ‘get’ him now that I’ve been educating myself about Aspergers. I'm being to  understand a lot of our communication ‘breakdowns’. More importantly, I realize that a lot of his ‘odd reactions’ are done out of ‘mind blindness’ and are not direct actions against me.
We are weirdly compatible, and I’m just fine with that.
Isn’t that weird? lol…


  1. I love Johnny Depp. In Alice in Wonderland Alice asks her father, "Am I going mad?" Her father puts his hand on her head and says, "Why yes, but all the best people are." I think the same goes for "weird" :) great post!

    1. lol - perfect dialog! so, so true - thanks...