Saturday, July 13, 2013

SHUT UP!!!!!

I’ve always tried to use the term “hush” instead of “shut up”. It just seems more polite. The term ‘hush’ is softer, quieter – even when you scream it.
My husband, however, doesn’t agree. He often comes home from work or meetings and is near meltdown stage from the moment the door swings open and his feet smash through the door.
Bryan, on his Facebook page, reminded me this morning that it isn’t personal. It’s Aspergian.
There's only so much socialization a person with Asperger Syndrome can handle in one day.

We all need that one place where we can just 'shut down' - for me, it's at home.
When you speak to your child/adult at home and they appear rude to you in comparison to outside, you are actually interrupting their shut-down. 
There's only so much socialization we can take. 
Learn the individuals shut-down spot(s) and work from there.

Bryan :)

In parts of Asia and Europe, I’ve been told, it’s polite to belch after a good meal. It is also considered impolite to ‘clean’ your plate. You are supposed to leave a small amount of food so that the host or hostess doesn’t think you are still hungry.
I was raised to consider belching, as well as flatulence, to be extremely rude in public, at the dinner table, in the presence of others. As for leaving food on my plate? No way, Jose! That plate had better be cleaned of every morsel. There are starving children in (fill in the blank).
The Hubster loves to lick his plate clean and let out a gigantic belch of contentment at every meal. It drives me nuts. In my childhood home, we were to sit at the table until everyone was done. Now, we try to finish up and escape before Steve can finish.
I sometimes wonder why I am ‘putting up’ with all of the Aspergers ‘crap’. But then I realize that different habits are just that – different. I try to be patient with Steve because he puts up with me. Believe me, I am no saint.
None of us know what tomorrow will bring. I am just trying to do the best I can today. There are groups around that use the slogan “One day at a time”. We all should keep that in mind no matter what our circumstances.
Meanwhile, it’s almost breakfast time. Excuse me while I prepare to dine and DASH! lol


  1. Sometimes you do a post with perfect timing. Ive been struggling of late with some of their behaviors and yes, like you, i have to suffer the belching, farting, whinging, and silly voices. When i grew up no one ate till the cook sat down, no one left until everyone was finished and the cook didnt wash up. My guys have to be called and called to come for dinner and then they take it and go in opposite directions and im left standing there. They do love my food but it seems so wrong. They do no housework so clean up is my job list too. I need a holiday from them at the moment.

    1. oh my goodness! when i call dinner, steve decides to rebuild an engine (or whatever is in the opposite direction) - i can't figure out for the life of me why, when that man so loves to eat, he 'retreats' to regions unknown! perhaps they can't deal with the socialization at that time? too hard to concentrate on their food when there are others about? hmmmm...

    2. as for the holiday - grab a one way ticket to seattle & i'll come pick you up at the airport!