Friday, October 25, 2013

The Mom Song

I’ve had an epiphany!

I’m the Mom.

Why? Because I said so.

And my hubby believes me! How did I not recognize this before?

“Sweetie, do you think I should drive 92 miles to trade away my big shop compressor for a set of used tires?”

“What’s wrong with your shop compressor, Steve?” I ask as I slice onions for dinner. Tears have begun coursing down my face.

Startled, possibly in reaction to my tears, Steve quickly answers “Nothing!”

“Then why would you want to get rid of it?” I inquire.

“Well, we have that little household compressor in my workshop in the basement,” responds The Hubster, as if this made sense.

“Can it run multiple air tools at the same time?” I continue to probe.

“No, but the shop compressor doesn’t either,” says Hubby.

“But that is because you haven’t completed running fixed airlines throughout your shop as we discussed eighteen years ago when we built it! We purchased that huge compressor so you could put it into an insulated side shed, running solid airlines with multiple connection fittings all around the shop so that the noise wouldn’t be so deafening.” I explain.


“So I can’t trade it?” queries my Aspie husband.

“No.” I state emphatically, tears subsiding as I’ve moved on to chopping sweet potatoes.

“Why not?” demands Sir Arguesalot.

“Because I said so!” I respond, utterly exasperated now.

“Oh, okay.” Steve turns and walks out of the kitchen.

Say what? Huh. Will wonders never cease! LOL


  1. I love it, may try it too!

    1. best of luck - i'm rooting for you! lol...

  2. My latest trick is to ask my husband when he will be retiring. When he wants to spend more unnecessary money i ask him if he wants to retire a year later. Sometimes i tell him he's up to 80 already and he just looks at me. He hates working and and has this unreal expectation of being able to retire at 65 like everyone else but wont go without to pay the bloody mortgage off by that time. Sometimes i think all Aspie's should spend all their down time playing "join the dots" so that they create a few neurons that allow them to do so.