Monday, May 12, 2014


Yesterday was Mother's Day here in the US. It is a national holiday that can be joyfilled, horrid, or just plain blah, depending upon each individual's personal experiences and expectations (or lack there of).

Mother's Day has been an interesting holiday for me over the years. About two weeks ago, Steve came in the front door from work, walked up to me face to face in the kitchen and asked, "Do I have to buy you a card?"

Startled, I assured him that he never has to do 'anything' for me. If he would like to do 'something' for me, that was always appreciated, but I'd rather he do nothing if he doesn't want to do 'something'. Voluntary giving would be preferred.

Off went my Hubby to deal with his endless list of 'just came home from work chores'. I went back to making dinner.

After thinking about the odd question, odd for me because it was totally out of context from my meal preparation, I had an epiphany. 

Running into our bedroom where Steve was changing out of work clothes to put on work clothes (and yes, he becomes thoroughly confused between the two, so we should really designate his clothes as 'employment clothes' and 'chore clothes' or 'working on car clothes'), I quickly asked him if his question to me involved Mother's Day.

"Well," he responded hesitantly, "Of course."

Ah ha! I nailed it! I mentally patted myself on the back.

"You don't need to buy me a card as I am not your mother," I explained. I waited for any other questions. When there were none I went back to my culinary duties.

I should have known it was too simple.

A couple of days after this conversation my daughter called to see if she and my two sons could take me to a Mariners baseball game on Saturday, the day before the great holiday. I am a die-hard fan and quickly agreed to be taken out to the ball game. It has been many years since just the four of us have had an outing together. I was excited.

I steeled myself to an inevitable home team loss, as I don't think I have ever attended a game in person that my beloved M's have won. Hundreds of games across the nation. When I go, they lose. It's enough to give me a complex.

Still, I was excited to go. After all, I'm an eternal optimist. You never know.

Saturday finally came. While texting my daughter on particulars of meeting up later for the game, she asked me what time Steve would like to meet her and her fiance on Sunday for a Beatles theme music concert in Seattle.

"Say what? He made plans with you?" I texted.

"Yep," she replied, "Last night. We had an extra ticket and I know you hate Beatles music."

Too true, but he had never said a word to me. At that very moment The Hubster popped his face around the corner and told me 'goodbye' as he was heading out for errands.

"What is going on?" I demanded. I bet anything my voice was shrill. "Did you make plans without me for Mother's Day tomorrow?" I was incredulous.

"You TOLD me to!" Steve answered, perplexed. "I asked you if I had to buy a card! Don't you remember?"

"Of course I remember! I never said that I didn't want to celebrate at all! When were you going to tell me?"

"I thought Daughterlet would," barked He-of-belated-thinking. "How did you find out?"

"Well she did," I admitted. "But she was astounded that I didn't know. Why didn't you tell her that you would check with me and call her back?"

"So you want me to cancel going?" questioned my spouse.

"No, not at all!" I protested. "I just think you should have checked with me before you decided to go!"

"But you said that you weren't my mother! Why should I have to check with you?" demanded Steve.

*Sigh* We were going around in circles again. 

"Never mind," I muttered as I walked away to check for my Mariners jersey. I think I remember where I put it from last year.

The kids and I did go to the game that night. Low-n-behold, the M's won! Not only did they win, but they hit two homeruns that landed just to the right of us in the section where we were sitting! My youngest son took a photo of me screaming my lungs out. I think that I am still excited.

Steve did go to the concert Sunday afternoon, leaving Manlet and I to enjoy a sunny day at home while listening to the Mariners lose another game. 

A game that I wasn't at, lol. What a great day to NOT be taken out!


  1. For years i stewed in a pot of resentment of my own making because i did not say what i expected. They have no idea what to do, though it is plastered all over the TV, plaza and media. So, if i want something now, or an outing i have to give them warning a couple of weeks before and then several reminders in the preceding week and then the night before. Then and only then, do they remember my birthday, mothers day or even to get me something for Christmas. The other day Hubby went shopping and came home with a bag of licorice bullets as a treat. My son divided the pack into two and they happily ate the lot. Not once did it even enter their brain to share with me. I could get angry or next time just say to them "dont forget to share with me". Tom, get three small bowls out. Funny though, when i am given something special like chocolates as a gift from someone, they have no trouble working out the sharing thing. LOL.