Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Normal Family

Through this blog and various social medias, I come in contact with thousands of people who are welcomed acquaintances, but not close friends. 

Just last night, as Manlet and I return from another out of town baseball tournament and I endeavor to catch up with messages and emails, I ran across this:

"You guys are blessed. Its good to see your family happy."

Say what? Seriously, I am not really feeling 'blessed' or 'happy' right now. I've been focused on what hasn't been done around the house while we were gone. 

Unmade bed. "Why should I have to make it? I am just going to unmake it to sleep in it tonight!" explains my Hubby. "Why should I have to waste my energy?"

Kitchen sinks filthy. "I just washed some cookie sheets!" retorts The Hubster. "The sinks get clean while I'm washing!"

Ummmmm, what about the chunks of baked pizza that had stuck to the baking sheet and now lie glued to the bottom of the sink, as well as the various scrape marks all around from the corners of that same sheet? Apparently those things are invisible to my Aspergian Spouse.

Stinky garbage smell radiating from under the sink in the 80+° weather we are having right now. "But it's not full!" proclaims Steve, now very agitated. "Why are you so controlling?"

I give up. 

I am trying to contact the insurance company to make sure that our newly licensed Manlet is added to our policy, and that his car is adequately covered.

I am trying to print out proof of insurance cards for him. 

I am trying to ignore everything else around the house. 

I am going to choose to be happy.

Which must mean it's time to go to bed, lol.


  1. I guess its all relative as to what people think is normal. This crazy aspergian life we lead is "normal" to us and so we can be happy or sad in that normal. I have to remind myself that for many people, "normal" is abuse, drinking, smoking, gambling, and all manner of anti social behavior. In that life they could be happy - though i couldn't possibly. So i keep reminding myself that neither of my two do anything remotely like this kind of behavior and so i put up with unmade beds, dishes not done or very poor attempts at cleaning up and things left everywhere and lots of whinging.

    I choose to be happy, most days.