Friday, March 13, 2015

Oh Crap

What a weekend. Mid 60s, clear blue skies, tree blossoms and flowers erupting everywhere, birds and bees busy doing their spring things.

To me, absolutely glorious.

Hubby must not have hibernated long enough this winter. He was unbearable the last few days. Even though official spring is still a couple of weeks away, daylight begins is sooner and dusk is later. All reasons for me to rejoice, but not The Hubster.

Saturday he was able to work on his various car projects all day uninterrupted. I would have thought that he would be happy. Not even close.

When he came in at 6:30 I started to suggest we go out for dinner, but the rumbling growl that emanated from him squelched that idea immediately. I jumped in my car, and dashed to the local market.

On my way home I texted said Spouse, asking he turn on the bbq for our beautiful 8 ounce rib eye steaks.

No reply. I sent a second text. Nada, nothing, zilch.

I called. Not once, not twice, but three separate times.

No answer.

When I unlocked the front door, juggling my various bags of groceries,  he remained glued to his chair in the livingroom totally unresponsive.

"Sweetie, where is your phone? I tried to get hold of you for you to start the barbeque for me. I have steaks! "

He barely acknowledged my existence as I proceeded to deposit my acquisitions noisily on the kitchen counters. Oh, no problem Dear, I'll get the doors myself.

"I'm charging it," grumbles He.

"We've talked about this before, Dear. I need to be able to contact you when I'm gone. We haven't had a land line in years. Can you plug your charger in here by your recliner?"

After a long silence, Hubby finally admits that he never thought of that.

"But what if I forget that my charger is here in the livingroom, so when I to bed tonight I won't be able to charge my phone and it will be dead in the morning?" worries He of limited memory.

"I have faith in you," I said quickly. "I bet you will look at that empty space on the vanity where you normally have your charger plugged into your phone each night you would say 'Gosh, where is my charger?'. You would then respond to yourself, 'Oh yes, I left it in the livingroom.'"

(Aforementioned conversation would be verbal, of course.)

"Hmmmm." was his hesitant response. It was not a positive sound.

Our bbq was started, dinner was made and served, the end result consisting of contented rumblings from the Head of the Table.

I can live with this.

At least today, lol.


  1. I loved the illustrated quote. Oh my, i would love to say this out loud to "some people" sometimes. At least now, i can say it in my head and have a little smirk going.

    1. lol - good thing people can't really read our minds, isn't it?