Thursday, April 26, 2012


People with Aspergers take things literally. They think they know something when they think it. After all, theories are just something that someone thinks but isn’t actually proven, right?
A math problem such as this would most likely be answered by my husband exactly as this problem is. Technically, he would be correct. But it is not the answer that the teacher is looking for, and therefore it would get marked incorrect. Which would make my hubby furious as there is obviously more than one correct answer.
Yet Steve can also limit himself by asking pointed questions that totally limit the answer that he is looking for. Just this morning, he asked me if the coffee was ready, to which I answered “No.”
What he meant to ask was, “Have you started the coffee yet?” to which I would have answered, “Yes.” Or he could have asked if I wanted him to make coffee, to which I would have responded that I had already started it.
So this morning, when he did go straight to the kitchen to start coffee and make his lunch, he says, “But there IS coffee made!”
“No dear, there is coffee brewing. It’s not done, it is not ready. That is what you asked about.”
No answer from Sweetie.
Many times he asks me a question with his best-guess answer included.
“Will you be gone tonight because of baseball?” he will query as he heads out the door.
My answer is honest. “No, dear.” I wait for the logical question of “What are the plans for tonight?” or “Will you be home tonight?” but they don’t come.
That evening I received a text message. “Where are you?”
I text back "at school"
The responding text from my hubby is “You said that you would be home.”
Me. “no, i didn’t – you asked if i’d be gone because of baseball – i’m not”
A few minutes roll by. He is probably emptying his lunch box and feeding the dog.
My phone vibrates. Incoming text.
He. “Why are you gone?”
Me. “i’m gone because of parent/teacher conferences”
Him. “Oh. So you aren’t going to make me dinner?”
Me. “yes i am – we will eat about 7 – have some fruit for a snack and take a walk”
I love my husband. I get tons of opportunities to laugh! But he'd totally fail on Jeopardy.


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    1. thank YOU so very much for reading! i will continue sharing what i've learned and experienced for as long as i can - i am so happy that you are enjoying my blog...