Saturday, October 6, 2012

Behind My Back

I can always tell.
The dogs will tip their heads, perk up their ears, and half wag their tails as if they can’t decide it they are happy or going to run to the hills because they’ve been caught on the living room couch.
My dear Aspie husband is making faces again.
At the dogs.
And waving his fingers at them. Behind my back.
Uggggghhhhhhh. Silly man.
How can a grown man act so immature? Granted, our kids always love it when Dad is hiding behind Mom making weird faces at them. Well, usually. They don’t appreciate it when they are in a play at school or in the middle of a debate. It makes them lose their concentration. And of course, makes Steve laugh out loud.
I do love a good joke. I just wish my hubby knew a few. He gets most of his material from SpongeBob Squarepants. I’m not a fan.
Sweetie tends to lag behind me when we are walking in public. Heading down the street in Seattle, I’ll turn to see if he is still following me and find him making maniacal faces into the store front windows. I stop to watch the startled faces of the patrons sitting at the pastry shop tables next to the windows who do not realize that Steve is only focused on his reflection in the glass. He has not a clue that there are humans observing his bizarre behavior just a few feet from him.
Uh huh.
I sigh, step back a pace or two, grab his hand while giving a cheery smile and wave to the puzzled pastry connoisseurs, and truck onward towards our ultimate destination. I’ve lost count of how many places I’ve had to ‘tow’ my husband to.
At least he’s happy today. I’ve noted in my Asperger studies that many Aspies seem to suffer from depression. I know that Steve does. My current Readers Digest has a great article about how making the bed can help you be happy.
As soon as the Hubster rolls out of it, I shall show him the article and point to clean sheets. Not sure if it will make him happy, but it sure will make me happy! LOL

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