Friday, June 28, 2013

No Filter

“Steve! There’s coffee all over the counter! What happened?”
And yes, my voice is probably shrill and loud.
“You told me to make coffee,” says The Hubster.
“But why is there coffee all over the counter and none in the pot?” I ask.
“We are out of filters!” says Hubby.
“But Steve, you can’t make the coffee if there isn’t a filter in the coffee basket!” I spurt back.
“You didn’t say that,” responds a retreating voice.
Uhhh huh. He’s right, I didn’t.
I have learned to stop asking Steve’s opinion of my outfits/hair/whatever. I don’t want to always hear “the truth”. Aspergerians have a way of bluntness that can be damaging to tender egos.
I have not, however, been able to learn to forecast any and all probabilities and outcomes of life. Mainly because they are limitless and impossible to predict.
When I know that the kids have special news to tell their dad, I try to make sure to ‘coach’ Steve’s response by giving him a heads up that there is something the kids want to share with them and he is to listen quietly, then respond with enthusiasm and not three thousand four hundred twenty-nine questions.
Oh how I hate that type of grilling.
“Steve! I just was chosen citizen of the year!” I proclaim proudly.
“How did they choose you?” quizzes Hubby. “How many others were in contention? Who were the judges? What kind of ballot did they use? How did they figure out the nominees, or were you the only one? Do you get a prize or a trophy or both? Did you…”
Yes, I know. Inquiring mind want to know. But it can be exhausting, and definitely takes the joy out of the subject.
I shake my head and walk away. I don’t think I’ll have him attend the awards ceremony with me, lol.


  1. ROFLOL I must have missed this post. Welcome to my life X 2

    1. you sure must roll a lot, then! laughing with you my dear!