Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I realized this morning that I've been constantly irritated with my husband, for one reason or another, over the last few weeks. Perhaps it’s because of the weather changing from summer to winter seemingly overnight, resulting in my arthritis sending me into agony due to the damp cold outside.

It could be because I would rather be someplace warm now.

It could be because Steve often goes into depression this time of year, so he is sulky and withdrawn. 

Or it could be that I am focusing on the irritating activities and forgetting to focus on the endearing qualities my hubby possesses. Yes, multiple - not singular, though some days I might only be able to remember a couple.

Steve keeps his nails trimmed. I really like that about him. He can spend all weekend working out in his shop on car engines, but come Monday his hands and nails are clean. He really does a good job on that.

He doesn't use my gas discount points at our local grocery store any more. There were a few times years ago that he would use a 20¢ discount while buying a two gallon jug of gasoline for the lawn mower. I convinced him that since I drive around 25K miles a year, I should get first shot at the discounts when filling up. He has since complied, though I know that his OCD is running at full throttle when he's seen the "would you like to use your 40¢ discount now" and has to hit the 'NO' button.

The Hubster eats just about anything and complements me on my cooking. I tend to just ‘cook’, not following any specific recipes. Most of the time my meals turn out great. Once in a while a combo doesn’t work. If I don’t like it, Steve will say that it wasn’t his favorite, and that is that. I just don’t make it again. Lesson learned.

I love listening to his deep timbred voice. Steve loves to sing. Unfortunately he is tone deaf, but a cappella he is fantastic. He tends to do a lot of Elvis, whose music I loathe. I just remove myself from the area rather than ask him to stop.

It definitely is therapeutic to sit and count my blessings. It helps to focus on the positive. I am calmer when I am happy, and being positive creates happiness.

Unless he starts singing Elvis in the car, lol.


  1. OK, i too sometimes dwell on the negative, so here goes. My hubby too keep himself extremely well groomed. I have never known anyone who soaps themself up so much, shampoos everyday and trims his mo/goatee every few days. He always smells good. My hubby also eats anything i make and says thank you. He does expect to be served and occassionally i might have to remind him to come to the table over and over but when he does he is very complimentary. He also just tells me that he isnt fussed on something, usually a couple of days later. My hubby is a born tradesman who can make or fix anything from any trade. Hes an electrician but he does plumbing, mechanical, carpentry etc without any trouble. My hubby can be also very funny with different voices and using funny saying from movies and tv in everyday situations. Sometimes he goes too far and gets over the top but mostly he know it. He doesnt drink, doesnt smoke and because he has no friends, he doesnt go the the pub or go do sports without us. He also earns very good wages (when working).

    So yes, he can be very very frustrating, whinge alot and be occassionally childlike but he also has many outstanding qualities. There had to be a reason i married him.

    1. awesome, lynda! well done...

      now didn't that feel good? lol...