Friday, November 8, 2013

New Project

Steve has a new Jeep project.

He insists that it just needs a few parts and it will be ready to roll.

His list is short.

Frame, body, running gear, axles, glass, dashboard, and tires.


There are times when I wonder if my hubby's inability to grasp the concepts of reality are Asperger driven, (excuse the pun), or some sort of mental illness.

"Sweetie, do you see the same thing that I see?" I query. "I see a few parts to put in/on an existing Jeep."

"Well, I know it probably needs a few things..." The Hubster mutters.

We had just been discussing my current 'complaint' regarding the projects within view of our home when he comes home with a new one.

Since we live in the middle of six acres, I'm of the persuasion that I shouldn't have to look at those projects from the windows of my domicile.

The Hubster is proud of his work, thus enjoys 'showing' them off.


For some ten or twelve years now I have been begging him to stop purchasing or obtaining any more projects until he finishes his current ones. But he is obsessed with searching the internet for more. I have explained that we must live within our budget in order to keep our home. He spends anyway.

I've read blogs about Aspie husbands that 'control' the household funds as a drowning man grabs onto a lifeline.

My hubby is definitely not one of those.

With his approval I've temporarily removed the debit and credit cards from his wallet. I've hidden the checkbook. I feel like a headmistress at a boys school.

It's not a good feeling.

Steve promises to put his new 'rig' in his shop this weekend - provided he can clear enough space for it.

At that, I laugh!


  1. After the last post, i know exactly where it is going to end up. With Steve it is cars and with my Hubby its Electronics/Computers (thank God they are smaller) as we dont live on 6 acres. Aspie son starts training today and will start his first full time job next week - everything (fingers, toes, legs, arms) are crossed (which makes typing this rather difficult).

  2. "I feel like a headmistress at a boys school." This is how I feel with my boyfriend. I don't know if I can do it for the rest of my life. I love him, I do, but I'm not sure love is enough. I don't want to be a mom, I want to be a partner. ~GF2Aspie

    1. not sure how many posts of mine you have read, but i have good days and bad days - the point is that we all have quirks and foibles - not one single person is perfect - as partnerships go, i constantly keep running lists of each of our strengths & weaknesses - overall, we balance each other out - since i did not know steve was a man with aspergers syndrome when we met and married, i am unable to contemplate the 'would have/could have/should have'

      I do know if my hubby had suffered a stroke prior to our marriage, i believe that i would have married him anyway - same answer if he had had diabetes or a major heart condition - love is enough, even when we feel discouraged or disappointed - my kids could do many things that would break my heart, but could never 'cause' me to stop loving them - same with my hubby

      (though given an appropriate incentive, there are days when i would sell him for cheap, lol)