Sunday, November 24, 2013

Just Say No

Once again, my inlaws are inflicting pain into my husband's life. His parents and siblings absolutely, positively refuse to accept or acknowledge Steve's Aspergers Syndrome.

Not one of them has a medical degree. Steve has had no less than eight diagnosis' from trained medical experts.

Neither of his parents nor one of his siblings will support Steve in his day to day struggle in understanding social situations, or in his challenges in being a husband or father. Instead they try to break us up.

It adds so much stress to Steve's life, and cuts him to the quick.

The only explanation is that their denial is fueled by ignorance or shame, of which there shouldn't be any. If Steve had been born with epilepsy, diabetes, cerebral palsy, or any number of other conditions that cause health or developmental problems would they be 'ashamed'? As for education, there are so many places on the internet to research and learn about Aspergers Syndrome that it is mind boggling.

Family and friend support is vital in the life of an Aspergian. It requires an open mind, a willingness to educate one's self, and a spirit of acceptance.

Not condemnation.

An interesting website that I recently found is 'Aspergers Pride'. It offers all sorts of information. 

As for The Hubster's 'family'?

Well, he finds himself completely torn. They insist on ignoring me, his wife of twenty years, as well as our children and grandchild. They also want Steve to do the same in order to be a part of 'their family'. Which proves that hate divides, while love multiplies.

Gosh, doesn't it sound like they want him to be their little boy, instead of a grown man with his own family?

So, so sad.

And it makes my heart ache for my husband.