Saturday, February 15, 2014

Ah Yep

He remembered! And at least a day ahead of time!

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. I had just finished making coffee when Steve came out into the kitchen, skivvy clad and a smile stretched from ear to ear, gift and card in hand.

This is remarkable in several ways.

First, I already prepared myself to expect nothing. If I am of this mindset, I am not disappointed when nothing, in fact, does happen. If something happens, as did it yesterday when Steve was prepared for Valentine’s Day, then I am duly surprised and pleased. Win win.

Secondly, Steve is not the early morning person that I am. To have a pleasant smile on his face at 5:00 a.m. is a minor miracle. That such a nice expression is intended for me is a rarity. Can you spell Mr. Grumpy Face?

Third, in order to have the card and gift in hand so early in the morning means that the Hubster planned and executed the ‘hunt’ and procurement of said items on a day prior to this date. Hence, he’s thought about me twice this week, unless of course he went shopping last week, but that is beside the point.

I opened the card quickly, as Steve barefooted it back to the bathroom to jump in the shower. Beautiful card, lovely sentiments, and he actually signed “Love, Steve” instead of his standard “From your husband” followed by his full legal signature. Gosh, he’s been listening to me!

“Sweetie, you don’t need to sign ‘From your husband’. I do know who you are. And you don’t need to sign your full name for the same reason. Think of all the writing you would save on doing if you just used a simple ‘Love, Steve’!”

“Why do you always put me down?” grumps The Hubster.


I now turn to my gift. Once the paper is off, and I’ve figured out how to get the box open, (it’s one of those magnetic flap boxes that look like they should slide through the sleeve, but don’t) I find a matching pen and tablet stylus set. Very nice!

And, I have to confess, the first thing out of my mouth when presented with my gift was “I hope you didn’t buy me candy”. I feel ashamed now.

I bound into the master bath where my sweet spouse is singing “You are my sunshine” amidst billows of steamy shower water. I hesitate to intrude, but thank him exuberantly while setting his coffee by his sink.

He is pleased and his face is truly joy filled. I can see him mentally patting himself on the back. Which is good, as I don’t really want to get wet right now.

So what did I do for him yesterday? I didn’t buy him a card. He hates the cost of them when you just throw it away. Candy? Nope.

My gift was to stay home for the evening, grilling steaks for us all, then watching TV and reading for the rest of the evening. Total bliss for him and Manlet.

Especially the steak part, lol!


  1. :) We went out for dinner and exchanged cards. Then had our usual evening of TV

    1. how wonderful! and i assume you behaved yourself, lol...

  2. Oh good on Steve. This really was an accomplishment. I know that my gift (see previous post) was "on the day" but it happened and as you say, he thought about me!!!!! Twice in one week. First to ask what i would like and then to buy an actual gift that suited me that i didnt ask for on top of what i did. Well done Hubby.

    Something has happened lately, because he can (no job) Hubby & son are sleeping during the day and up all night at opposite ends of the house, doing their own thing. Only trouble is that i know Son is lonely but Hubby is quite happy with the privacy to do his own thing. (usually online which doesnt make me happy). They are up in the afternoon and still expect me to come home from work at 6.30 to cook dinner, shopping and housework. I try to be up at 6.30 and do the dishes, washing and floors before work. Ive been told not to leave notes of things for them to do. Arrrr the Kingship issue - they are the Kings and i am the servant and so why should they be told what to do. So i leave everything and hope that they click that there is wet washing in the WM and clean dishes in the DW and another load of their clothes on the line.

    1. *sigh* perhaps, with gender equality what it is these days, it's time for you to find a wife?