Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pillow Fights

As kids many of us loved to have pillow fights. One of the main reasons why we’d want to spend the night with a friend, ‘have a sleep over’ in today’s vernacular, was to engage in this delightful, somewhat childish activity.

However, I have grown into an adult and am not as easily amused to participate in said activity on a daily basis. Partly because I am awake and active an hour or two before my husband is, and partly because after all these years of telling Steve that I am not amused by it he insists on initiating the fight anyways.

I tell him that by the very fact that I’ve asked him to quit and he refuses, he is being disrespectful to me. To which he responds “My God, who cares? What does it matter?” or “That’s stupid. You shouldn’t feel that way!”

Uhh huhhh.


Many of you may be thinking, “What’s wrong with a pillow fight?” to which I would explain that Steve’s version of pillow fighting is far different than most peoples.

I love to decorate my home in, to me as well as others, a comfortable, stylish manner. On our bed, as well as our other furniture around the house, I have lots of throw pillows.

Yes, we fight about throw pillows.

To Steve they are superfluous. To me it’s the frosting on the cake. I have never seen my hubby remove the frosting off of a slice of cake saying that the cake should be sufficient without it. I have seen him actually go back for seconds on cake and scrape every stray bit of frosting from the cake platter onto his plate.

The problem lies in my attempt to have The Hubster to show me respect by making the bed when he is the last one out of it, including putting the extra throw pillows back on that I took off the night before. Yes, I am typically the first one in bed at night.

“Steve, they are just ‘throw’ pillows! Throw them back on!”

“We don’t need ten pillows on the bed! You just throw them on the chair at night. Why can’t we just throw them out? That’s so STUPID!” responds my mate.

“I like the pillows on the bed during the times we aren’t sleeping in the bed. I think it looks nice!” I try to explain. “Those are decorative pillows! They make the room charming.”

“So I have to have them on the bed if I’m reading or watching TV?” counters The Hubster.

“No Sweetie, they don’t need to be on if we are in bed,” I reply as calmly as possible.

“What if I have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night? Do I have to put them all back on the bed when I leave it, and throw them off again when I come back to bed?” quizzes hubby.

“No dear, wouldn’t I still be asleep in the middle of the night?” I query.

“Well, what if you had already gotten up to get a drink of water and hadn’t gone back to bed yet? Do I have to put them ALL back on? We wouldn’t be in bed!” declares my ever contemplating spouse.

At that point I know that once again he has ‘won’ this battle. I either have to live without my decorative pillows, or make the bed myself each day.

Perhaps we can solve this dilemma with an old fashioned, feather stuffed pillow fight to the ‘death’.

Which would also solve the problem of who gets the most bed space, lol…


  1. This is so so funny. I get arguments like this all the time. Sometimes i just stand there silently and he says "What?" I say, did you just say this (repeating it). He thinks for a minute and starts yelling "Why do you always have to be right, why am i always in the wrong, bla bla bla" I just got a call at work from both of them, separately. They are having a stand up blew over the last piece of garlic bread. Hubby says he hates his son and wants to put him in a home. Son says that Dad has Dementia and should be in a home. Where is this home, ill drive them there!!!!!

    1. lol - maybe you can just check yourself into a home & leave your menfolk to themselves!

  2. Glad it's not just in my house! My hubby and both daughter's have been diagnosed with aspergers, I am outnumbered.
    My pretty cushions spend more time on the floor or jammed down the back of the sofa (I think he stuffs them there in the hope I'll forget about them!) Why can he spend tons of cash on making computer graphics as pretty as possible and not allow ornaments or throw cushions to make our living space pretty? I will not give in though :)

    1. how well we know THAT dilemma! perservere, my dear...