Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Day

What a day, what a day, what a day!

Today is the first day of spring; the beginning of a new season full of regrowth and new births.

Today Steve and I celebrate our twenty-first anniversary. It’s hard to believe that we have been spouses for that long.

Today my blog hit 100,000 views from 130 different countries around the world.

I am humbled.

After a restless and mostly sleepless night, I found that I feel much better today than I had anticipated I would. I woke up to the fantastic smell of coffee at 5:30 this morning, an hour and a half later than I usually wake up. Steve had put a fresh pot on, and as I entered the kitchen, he handed me a card. The sentiments were beautiful, and his smile beamed brightly, lighting up our home.

It’s going to be a hap, hap, happy day!

I realized some time ago that my day is exactly what I choose it to be. I have been accused of being overly optimistic. I am not offended by that judgment. In fact, I like to wear it proudly.

Yesterday is over, which is good as it was hailing and snowing to beat the band here. Perfect for the last day of winter.

Tomorrow may or may not come. I can’t predict the future. Today I choose to not waste my time worrying about it. I have been reasonably good at sticking to the here and now. Of course, having my beloved Seahawks win the Super Bowl this year helps my sunny outlook, lol.

I recently saw a video of some cyclists riding along a narrow pathway half way down the side of a cliff that dropped hundreds of feet to a roaring river below. It seemed that the camera recording the event was on the cyclist’s helmet. The was focus upon the path immediately in front of the bicycle’s front tire. I doubt very much that the cyclist was enjoying the stunning views of sunshine, snowy mountains, rushing waters, soaring birds, and the vegetation growing from cracks and crevices that defy all odds

How often do we focus on a minuscule patch of ‘land’ and miss the expanded vista around us? How often do we choose to dwell on the negative, on hurt feelings, on misunderstandings? Of course it’s easy to do. But if we take a step or two back from a gigantic issue in front of our eyes, we will begin to see the ‘view’ around it. Step back even more and that issue shrinks in size. When we turn our backs on it, it vanishes from sight.

Regardless of what has happened before, I have been presented with a clean sheet of day on which to pen my personal story.

Being the awesome cook that I am, I shall whip up a happy day for myself, and anyone willing to share it with me. The recipe is simple and the ingredients are free.

Today is a new day, and I choose to be happy.

And laugh – a lot!


  1. Good for you and Happy Anniversary. Big lesson that i learned and one that wives in our situation must is that "Forgiveness is For Oneself". Each day must be a new day.

    100,000 - Jeepers. That's pretty cool. I think you are like me. I only have 26 followers but many views. Who are they all? Why wont they let me know? I want to connect with them. Its frustrating but the numbers clicking over still tell me they are there. My blog has now been going since 31 Jan 2013 - just over a year and ive just gone over 30,000.

    Have a great great day.

    Lynda X

    1. thx lynda, and how right you are - we often are hardest on ourselves - feelings are neither right nor wrong, they just 'are' - it's how we act or react to them that can create problems...

      as for followers, i know i follow many blogs that i don't 'declare' myself on - not everyone is a google-ite... lol