Thursday, September 25, 2014

Too Many Books

Hubby went to an Asperger meeting last night. He really enjoys hearing about other Aspergians' frustrations in dealing with NTs. He says he doesn't talk much, but laughs a lot.

I bet. I can just imagine his hyena-like hysterical bellow that he often forgets to control in movie theaters and restaurants, the one that make the kids and I cringe. 

He hears about actions that are similar to his own, so he doesn't feel alone in his oddities.

Library books, for instance.

When Steve is interested in a subject, he immediately hits our local used bookstore and the internet to search for books on that topic. I wish that Amazon offered 'buyer bucks' like eBay does. We spend a small fortune on books each year. Good thing I know how to resell them on Amazon and eBay when he tires of them.

He also orders books from the library. It's not unusual for my husband to check out twenty or thirty books at a time. Kids books, adult books, fiction, nonfiction, magazines, videos, dvds. When he enters a topic into 'search' he checks out or reserves each and every single title listed.

Last night Steve came home jubilant. Someone had confessed to currently having over five hundred books checked out from the library.

All at the same time.

Never mind about lugging them all home and back; where in the world would one set that many books at one time?


Right now The Hubster only has twenty-two library books stacked next to his recliner. Yes, on the floor. I guess that he never had a librarian in school who ranted on and on about the appropriate places to store library books as I had. 

"You never, ever, ever set a library book on the floor!" she'd rage.

So I never, ever have. Nor 'dogeared' a book, set it down splayed open, or let any pet within a hundred miles of it. Well, maybe within a foot or two.

Looks like I have something else to be thankful for today.

Actually twenty-two things, lol.


  1. 500+ book, how is that even allowed. Lordy, where would you store them. I will pray for patience and understanding for their spouse tonight.

  2. Julie, look at my happiness post. I couldnt talk about it but im in a spin. If happiness comes from being able to create and support long lasting relationships then how will my son ever find it. It this why my husband is so miserable? Will they never be happy? This is making me miserable.

  3. People with famous Asperger's syndrome learn to speak at a young age like average people and eventually attending school in the same classes and at the same age of their peers. But they may have trouble understanding social or communication skills.