Friday, August 3, 2012

Have You Seen My Hammer?

It’s August and our Seattle area summer is finally beginning in earnest. Steve is off work today to begin preparation for several weeks of vacation to repaint our house. It’s a huge job, and we will probably be enlisting Kidlet and some of his friends to help. They are thrilled at the prospect of earning money. My stomach is a mess at the prospect of the project.
Organization is not my husband’s middle name. Nor first, or last. I am starting to put together a list of tools and equipment we will need for this venture.

I know where our pressure washer is, but not our ladders. I know I’ve been collecting paint brushes and buckets for a while now, but I don’t have a clue where the canvas tarps are.

I have a list of website videos on standard painting techniques, but don’t know how to get my Sweetie to watch them as he thinks he already knows all there is to know about painting.
Disorganization. Rigid thinking. Idiosyncratic behavioral patterns. Unique voice velocity and tones.  Rebellion to directions given by others. Literal interpretations. Varied focus. Dyslexia and poor coordination.
Oh boy, isn’t this going to be fun!
There is a great vid on YouTube intended for college professors who may have Aspie students in their classes. I found it enlightening in my preparation for our project.

Understanding Asperger Syndrome: A college Professor’s Guide

Raising children has already given me good experience resources for working with my hubby. I know that children have very age specific capabilities. I know that I would never expect a two year old to help with a household chore that a ten year old could do. I realize that a five year old can intellectually communicate with me on skills that they are unable to actually complete. Their hand-eye coordination simply are on level with their thought processes yet.
With all these things in mind, I am going to do my best to be realistic in my expectations of Steve’s abilities. I may use my teenage work force to ‘teach’ various painting techniques to my husband simply by asking him if I’ve left anything out of my instructions. I will work hard to be patient and not expect too much accomplished each day. I will try to be diligent in watching for any rising frustration levels that may dictate breaks. I need to be well prepared to furnish snacks and refreshments when needed. I have to be willing to stop our work for spontaneity, such as a quick trip to the river to cool off if the weather gets too hot.
I look at my growing list.
Perhaps I should have Steve take another couple of weeks off work.  

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