Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Let’s Play

I’m pulling into our driveway when I see Steve heading out the front door with Kidlet and a couple of his school buddies, all armed to the teeth with pistols, rifles, bayonets, knives, swords and lots of ammo belts. Each had a cowboy hat perched jauntily upon their heads and were grinning from ear to ear. Hubby included.
“Hey guys!” I greeted them after I had parked, and started pulling groceries out of the back seat. “Whatcha playing?”
“RED DEAD REDEMPTION!” they all shouted in unison.
Say what? I walked quickly over to Steve and pulled him aside.
“Isn’t that a Mature rated video game?” I ask.
“Yah, but I’m mature,” retorts Hubby.
Uh huh, right.

“But did you check with these kids’ parents to make sure it’s okay that their kids play with guns and knives and such?” I persisted.
“Why should I do that?” questions Steve. “This is my home and I can play what I want!”
Since my husband doesn’t “do” computers or video games, I knew that we didn’t actually have the video game with its graphic, violent images. But if asked about their afternoon activities, I had no doubt what-so-ever that each kid would correctly quote their ‘play’ session by name, and probably give their parents all a heart attack.
I already knew that ‘gun play’ was okay for one of the two visiting boys, so I just had one parent to call. After I explained what the ‘kids’ were doing, she laughingly gave her permission for her little darling to take part in the horse, I mean gun, play. I decided to call the other kid’s mom, just to make sure it was still alright with her, which it was.
Whew. Had I not come home early the consequences could have been disastrous.
I finished unloading the groceries amid shrieks and shouts of intense gun battles raging outside the house. Looking out the window, it was hard to tell who was having more fun, Steve or the boys. They were out until well after dark. It was only natural to start a fire in the side yard to roast hot dogs and have baked beans for dinner! Cowboys have it easy in the meal planning department.
When it comes to playtime, Kidlet’s friends love to come to our house. After all, the kids agree, Steve knows how to play better than anyone else.
As well he should after all of these many, many decades of ‘playing’, lol!


  1. Gosh, it sounds like my house. All the boys want to come to our house and its full on battle zone. There are computer networks for PC, Wii, Xbox, Playstation, Projectors etc. On and On. and Yes, my husband is the biggest one of all. I find it sad that not one of all the children that have come here for sleepover, day stays, movies, etc etc have ever invited my son to their home. It doesnt bother Tom at all. He likes to stay close to us. We have a hard time getting him to leave the house. Tom, at 15, also has an arsenal of plastic weapons and even if he has no one to play with, can be found outside using his imagination. Its, at times, a little disturbing having a "child" for a husband but also enjoyable. Can I ask you a personal question? Do any of you ever discuss the SEX side of this situation. This is an area that causes the most disharmony in our home and though I am not looking for detail, I would like to discuss this with other Aspie Wives. My question (here goes - I am about to put it in writing and I've never discussed this with anyone) How do you have grown up sex with a man that to you is a child? There, I've said it.

    1. isn't it nice to know that there are lots of other 'non-traditional' families around?

      as for [SEX], please email me at - i'd be glad to let you in on our little 'secrets'...


  2. Yeah,even my house is in same position specially on the weekends.My younger brother is fond of all these types of games.

    1. it kind of makes me wish i liked guns - but, just kind of... lol