Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Courtesy Rules

Unfortunately for me, not in our home.

We had just returned home from a lovely morning perusing the local big box hardware/lumber store. With my mental list of needed items, two of which I completely forgot about until pulling back into our driveway, we wandered the aisles looking at various sundries, sipping coffee and talking.  Since we push our cart side by side, which allows Steve to look straight forward and not at me, my husband had chatted with me vivaciously. 

Sometimes I just want to freeze time for a bit.

After turning off the truck engine, The Hubster climbed out and pulled a couple of small boxes of bolts out of the pickup bed while I grabbed two bags of miscellaneous doodads, a small shelf for my office, my purse and my coffee. I closely followed my spouse to our front door.

He punched in the combo for our door lock, swung the door wide open and entered our domicile. I was just stepping onto the stoop when the a fore mentioned spouse of mine then snagged the door with his heel and kicked it shut in my face!

I stood there a moment trying to determine if I had suddenly become invisible.

“Steve?” I called out. Through the side window next to our door I could see him standing right there in front of me, albeit on the other side of the now closed door, slipping off his shoes.

Juggling my coffee mug a bit, I tapped my toe against the door a couple of times.

I’d swear he looked straight at me through the same window through which I was staring at him. To my utter amazement I watched him reach out and turn the deadbolt lock with a solid snap.

“Sweetie, open the door!” I cried out.

And yes, I did find my vocal volume increasing as my shelf started to slip to the east while my foot now soundly kicked the door.

STEVE! Open the frigging door!” 

I watched in total bewilderment as he turned and walked away.

Since my shelf was now down to my ankles, I let it slide onto the porch and set my bags down next to it so I could punch in the combination on our lock & open the door for myself.

STEVE! What the heck?” I shouted as I retrieved my purchases and tromped in. My hubby isn't the only one in our household capable of rage.

The Hubster poked his head around the corner of the hallway.

“What?” says He. “Why did you want me to keep the door open? I thought the rule was Always Keep The Door Shut.” He then disappeared from sight.

All I could do is stand there with my mouth hanging open. Perhaps in a couple of days I can laugh.


  1. Good ol' rules get you coming and going -- literally in this case. Sounds like your hubby was stuck in his "coming in the door" routine and that's kind of like running on rails: you can't alter your course.

    I guess my wife's lucky that my primary rule in these situations is Always hold the door for somebody following you. I know that Always shut/lock the door is also in my list but these things have different priorities. They have to else conflicts between rules could cause paralysis by indecision.

    1. absolutely - today i am able to chuckle a bit - i am also chagrined by my anger - i often do see steve in that 'deer in the headlights' freeze when he is totally perplexed by a situation & explain more of this from my viewpoint...

  2. Oh my... ive had one of those day too. Im might laught next month.

    1. yep! it's been three days now and i am able to laugh, a little...