Monday, February 18, 2013

Wife of Pi

I’m a 4. I’m 4ever. Steve is a Pi. He goes on and on. Since both forever and pi go on and on, I guess we are really just the same in the end.
Except we are both endless.
So often I think I become irritated with Steve not seeming ‘normal’ when he really IS normal – for him. His viewpoints are rigid and defined, whereas mine have more of a creative bent to them and are typically situational and more easily changable.
Yet we co-exist in this universe with the same exact goal.
Perhaps that is why, over all, we are a couple. We each are a different strand that when braided together makes up one complete cable that goes on and on forever.
We are soul mates.
Looking back on our last twenty years together, I can see how my hubby and I have grown to be more alike as the years pass.
If I evaluate myself honestly, I can see that perhaps some of Steve’s idiosyncrasies are the very things that set him apart from the crowd for me, and the very reasons why I grew to love him.
Some of my own oddities are probably frustrating to him also, though off hand I am hard pressed to think of any. (Just joking! My list of foibles is almost endless.)
Life is mostly about learning. Those that seem to do the best in life are people who are open minded to learning, and willing to admit how much they have left to learn.
My husband loves to learn, except from me. Not sure why he often jumps into a combatant position when I try to teach him about housekeeping, cooking, proper diet, et cetera. Something left over from childhood? I honestly don’t know. Since Steve earned his master’s degree while we’ve been married as well as teach college classes and  attend countless seminars, conferences, and continuing education classes, it seems apparent that he enjoys learning.
Yet if I try to teach, show, or instruct he wigs out.
“Don’t tell me what to do!” is his battle cry.
“Leave me alone!” reverberates throughout the house.
“Let me do it MY way!” demands the Hubster.
For the sake of harmony, I guess I have to not tell/leave alone/let him.
Is it fair that I have to do all the housework, bookkeeping, child care, social planning? No, probably not. Is it fun to have my hubby next to me listening to great music, hiking and camping, and going to car shows or traveling? You bet your boots it is!
My husband is alive and mobile. He is gainfully employed. He has many similar interests. And darn, he’s cute!
So are 4 and Pi compatible? Yep, in this home they are! lol


  1. This post made me smile!! :) I love it!

  2. what a great cartoon, and a great love story too. When I think of my life as a love story it gives me perspective and helps me remember why we're together.

    1. someone accused me of trying to make my sweetheart the object of a joke at his expense - i am so happy that others of you readers see that i'm just trying to see my life in a light-hearted manner, and yes, add perspective...