Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spring Training

Tomorrow, which is Valentine’s Day, this blog will turn one year old. I distinctly remember the date as I was frustrated that I couldn’t get my hubby to ride along with me to Kidlet’s baseball practice.

My plan was to drop the Kid off, then my Hubby and I could go somewhere close by to grab a bite to eat, or coffee, or just something to do together. After all, it was the national day of 'romance'.

Well, the Hubster didn’t see it that way. All he knew is that he doesn’t like baseball and  he had projects in his shop. Spring training, whether by professionals or his own offspring, is ‘boring’, ‘irrelevant’, and an activity for me to do without him, which I’m all too happy to oblige.
I mentioned this milestone to Steve a couple of days ago, along with the fact that my blog has had over 60,000 hits from 120 different countries in just one year.
Total silence. He just looked at me.
“Sweetie, did you hear me?” I asked.
Still no answer from the Hubster, so I went off to do some other chores, figuring that his mind was engaged elsewhere. I have learned that it is pointless to try to ‘interrupt’ his thinking. I’d talk to him later about it.
As I stood sorting and folding towels on our bed, I heard someone walking up behind me. Since Kidlet is only an inch or so shy of his father’s height, I figured it was him.
“Whatcha need, Sweetie?” I said without turning around.
“It was really Valentine’s Day?” quizzed my hubby.
At the sound of his voice I turned and saw by Steve’s puzzled face that he seemed truly dismayed. He asked again if I had really started my blog on Valentine’s Day last year while sitting at a coffee shop by myself. I assured him that yes, I did.
He was incredulous.
I was stupefied.
He sheepishly started talking. Truth of the matter is that he forgot. Since he hates ‘wasting’ his time on sports, and he resents ‘having’ to observe a 'manmade holiday' invented by a card company, I figured those were the reasons why he wouldn’t go out with me last year, or get me anything. But it turns out that he simply forgot that it was V-day.
In the scheme of things, I suppose it really doesn’t matter, and I took the opportunity to hint for something appropriate like a nice red Audi R8 as he now has two Valentine's Days to make up for. (Though at close to 200K I seriously doubt I’ll find that Audi in my garage tomorrow morning.)
The greatest thing about writing these posts is realizing how much I have learned about myself, my husband, and marriage. I appreciate all of you readers, and am grateful for your sharing. Please know that many of your responses make me laugh too.
After all, humor is the oil in life that keeps the machinery from squeaking. And boy oh boy, do things get oiled well around here!


  1. This is both cute and sad. Where do I begin.

    You know how Tom is autistic, well part of his social difficulties is not understanding relationships etc. When he first arrived at his new school in Grade 5 , there was a girl who obviously was kind to him as a new kid and also because she is a wonderful girl. Well he fixated on her and has done for 4 years now. He has asked and asked and asked via phone, facebook and in person if she likes him or will be his girlfriend and her response has always been kind but definitely NO. Does he care – nope. He tells me he is just going to wait because he will love her forever. Now this girl is a star. Pretty, clever, comes from high profile school family, may as well stayed on stage last speech night because she got awards for everything. She has told Tom that she is not allowed a boyfriend until she is 18.

    So, what did he do. He worked 21 hrs last weekend at “Burger King” and he went and bought her rubies for Valentines Day, today. A beautiful silver heart pendant with a small rub stones and matching earrings. Oh My. Im not even sure that her parents will let her keep them but I fear his heart will be broken. I’ve tried to warn him and prepare him and he just say, doesn’t matter Mum, ill just give them to her for her birthday. He is written (probably with many spelling mistakes) a full A4 love letter to go with it and I caught him drawing red love hearts on it this morning. Poor Poor Boy.

    I fear I may soon be getting a call from her parents, but he just keeps saying it his life and we all need to mind our own business. I’ve talked about legal implications if he doesn’t stop when she says No but he just doesn’t get it.

    I hope that when she is older with a family or some corporate high flyer that she looks back to her high school years and remembers a boy who loved her.

    I did tell him that perhaps he should consider that while he is pining away for her that perhaps someone that is interested could be standing nearby watching and waiting for you. Not sure how far I got. It’s so hard to let them go out and make mistakes that you know that everyone at school will laugh at him. He is so public with his declarations of love. He took two girls and two boys with him to do the shopping. No doubt they loved the fact that he spent $40 on their afternoon snack – makes you wonder. My poor boy.

    1. awwwhhh, our single focused aspies! while tom is right (re: his business) nowadays he has to be careful not to be viewed as a stalker - hopefully the girl and her parents will see him as the tender hearted love struck teen that he is - thanks for sharing & i'll be praying for him...

    2. You are right about single focus - not much school work has been done at school or at home. How do you explain this to the teachers who dont understand that there is only one thing on his mind.