Saturday, February 2, 2013

What Attitude?

I will begin this post by laughing out loud.
Do I know my spouse, or what?
Exactly two days after his proclamation of disinterest in me, along with his professed disdain that I should have had the audacity to change after twenty years, I headed off to dinner and live music last night and he asked to join me. I acquiesced. The food was delicious, the music fantastic, many friends had shown up also and we had a fabulous night out. Kidlet went off to a friend’s for an overnight, so when we returned home we had the house to ourselves, and we’ve made the most of it.
So there!
I’m not sure what it is about Steve’s Aspergers Syndrome that causes him to slip into blue ‘funks’, or if his bouts of discontent are an animal of their own, but among the ‘sea of blue’ it is so nice to see a sunny spot.
In the blog “Life with Aspergers”, the author discusses  Aspergers and Depression.
Although he starts off labeling Aspergers as a ‘mental condition’, which I don’t happen to believe, he has some interesting points. Reading through the comments was also enlightening.
One thing that popped out at me was his mention of Aspies having very good long term memory. That started me thinking about this week and the Hubster’s disturbing declarations to me.
Could it be that Steve vividly pictures me as a newlywed, then suddenly ‘wakes up’ to see me now? Has he perhaps missed all the aging steps and child birthing years between that point and now? Or was he just morose that day and focusing on the ocean of blue around himself?
I am so, so glad that I kept my mouth shut and waited him out.
Didn’t I say he might do this? After twenty years of marriage, I think that I’ve figured him out.
Well…. we shall see the next time something like this comes up.
And I guarantee you that it will happen again, laugh out loud. Such is the life with Aspergers Syndrome.


  1. We are so in tune. I've learnt one very valuable lesson in the last few years and that is "forgiveness is for yourself, not the other person". Who wants to carry around that blackness inside of them. It changes you. Yes, they do have a good memory but in there case it seems to be for all the bad stuff and this is part of their depression. As for making the most of "IT" I still cant get past the Child thing. Its probably been six years and i feel kind of dead in that regard.

  2. Blog set up is finished - take a look.