Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Eeny Meeny Miny Moe

It drives me crazy to see my spouse sitting in his recliner in the middle of a gorgeous day with a book in his hand, magazines spread out around him and the TV going full blast. It also bothers me immensely on an overcast, non-raining day.
Living in the Pacific Northwest, we are not apt to have many beautiful days in which to get outdoor work done, which being homeowners we seem to have an unlimited amount to do.
The real problem for Steve is his inability to make a decision. Which must drive him crazy! I can’t help him in deciding at all as his Aspie obstinance prevents him from listening to my (or anyone's) suggestions.
“Don’t tell me what to do” roars The Hubster.
So I don’t. Forget having lists, job jars, Honey-Do lists. He ignores them.
If the chore is beyond my capabilities, I will hire someone to do it for me. Of course, The Hubster roars about the expense, but hey – I’ve always given him the chance to do it himself.
Lately I’ve been trying to get the remainder of our house painted. Steve insists he can do it, but it is still various colors on different sides so no one side is completely done. I had the audacity to suggest my dad’s method of painting one entire side, trim and all, every other year. The only disadvantage to that method is having to keep the same house color scheme forever and a day.
We changed house colors last year. The trouble with my hubby’s method is that now parts of every side are the new colors of buttercream, tan and army green, while the remaining parts are the old colors of grey and white.
For me, not compatible. For my hubby, “My G**! Who cares? What does it matter?”
My birthday is coming up this next weekend so I went out and bought myself a boat and trailer for fishing. I took Steve with me and explained that this way he did not need to shop for me. He was pleased. He doesn’t fish, so I can be away from the house on nice days and be ‘unaware’ of his indoor inactivity on days our Kidlet doesn’t have baseball.
I will only come home after dark so I won't see the house.
And I will cook my fish. I am a good cook. Kidlet will be happy.
We all like fish.  Fish is healthy. I am happy.
Best of all, the fish are  'free'. Steve is happy.
Which should make us all a lot happier, lol.


  1. Great Present. I would love a boat, and i love to fish but i dont eat fish. Sorry, no fish other than muddy carp where i grew up. Just cant get the taste for it. Im doing the same. When they are both locked into screens on beautiful days i go out in the garden. I dont think Tom has seen sun for days as he is awake at night and sleeping during day. Im hearing you about unfinished projects. Hubby was off work for 4.5 months and nothing got done. Apparently he was looking for work which took about 30 minutes each day. Im always getting into trouble for being too busy. Im sure they would be happy sleeping and lounging all day every day. Anyway - Happy Birthday and enjoy the fishing. I at least hope you take a bestie with you. (best friend)

    1. thank you! and i love being by myself - so relaxing...