Monday, March 12, 2012


David Bowie sang it. My husband hates it. The concept, not the song.

I’m up early as usual. I make coffee, feed our fish and dog, then open the dog door to our deck. That is when I notice a distinct change outside from last night.

It’s snowing. The flakes are coming down thick and fast. I grab my camera for a quick snap to post on facebook. Yes, I live my life through my computer. Some people feel the need to remind me that my facebook friends are not real. I’m home alone all day.  They are my reality. My main social club is the local grocery store. I'm sure facebook and Pinterest are alive and well because of  me.

I grab a cup of coffee and go in to wake Steve early to let him know that he needs to give himself extra time this morning because of the snow. He will need to drive our other Jeep because his daily driver, a little two wheel drive pickup, is worthless on snowy hills in our Puget Sound area. I have to take our son to baseball practice this afternoon, which is at an indoor facility fifty miles in the opposite direction from his office, so I wouldn’t be able to go rescue my hubby if he got stranded in the snow.

Steve mumbles at me from under the covers. He is not an early riser. He strongly dislikes mornings. He usually stays in the shower for twenty to thirty minutes in order to ‘wake up’. Good thing I had two hot water heaters installed when we built our house!

“How much snow is there?” he growls. Not much yet, I assure him.

“Then why can’t I drive my truck?" He is now snarling. I try to explain that the weather forecast is for snow showers on and off throughout the day and into tomorrow.

“Well, there’s not much now is there?” he huffs angrily through the covers. “I thought humans can’t predict the outcome of events!” He throws my own words back at me that I often use when his rigid thinking comes into play.

Asperger-Advice ( explains that many Aspie adults commonly have characteristics such as inflexible (rigid) thinking. They have repetitive routines that provide feelings of security. They often experience stress when their routines suddenly change. How well I know these things about my husband.

I shrug my shoulders and leave our bedroom. There is no point arguing with my hubby. He’s a grown man and can make his own decisions. If he wants to drive his truck in the snow and get stuck, so be it. I did warn him. I gave him all the information he needs to make an 'intelligent' choice regarding his day. Chances are he will change nothing.

I’m finding that the most of the changes in our home are happening to me.

That’s fine. I like David Bowie.

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