Sunday, March 11, 2012

You Ain’t Nothin’ But a Hound Dog…

My husband loves to hum and to sing. He has a fabulous bass voice that I could listen to for hours. For whatever reason he can’t whistle, and he’s totally tone deaf. If he sings A Capella, no problem. Try to match his voice to musical accompaniment? Don’t even go there.

Unfortunately for me, his favorite songs to sing are by Elvis or The Beatles, neither of which I care for in the least. Actually, I hate both. 

So I am glad that he tends to sing or hum mostly by himself. Steve and I both love rock, blues, and jazz, enjoying many of the same performers. We can skip the opera/classical stuff, and most country western. When we drive we always have CD’s playing, usually fairly loud. Mercifully, Steve doesn’t try to sing along when we are with him. It makes us all happy.

Some of Steve’s family love to relate the story of his being left on the side of the road as a youngster. His large family had gone for some sort of long drive. Steve, in typical Aspie self-absorption was humming gaily to himself as he stared out the windows thinking whatever Aspie thoughts he had when he was little. He was told to stop humming, which he did for a while. But, true to his nature, he forgot to ‘stop’ and  again began humming. Again he was told “STOP!” 

Yes, you guessed it. He forgot to ‘stop’ and once again began his incessant  humming.

At that point the car screeched to a halt. Doors hurriedly popped open, whereupon Steve was plucked out of the car by his collar and set alongside the road. Car doors slammed shut and the family left in a cloud of dust.

No one seems to remember how far away the car traveled before it turned around, or how long Steve stood there, but they did go back. He was standing perfectly still and silent where he had been left. He was ushered back into the car. During the rest of his childhood he never again made another peep while in the car with others. Not ever.

To be fair, one of Steve’s sisters was accidentally left at a rest stop when Steve’s brother was mad at her and told the family that she was in the car when she wasn’t. But that was a typical sibling thing.

Still, it’s all fun to laugh about now!

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