Friday, March 23, 2012

INFO on Prosopagnosia – Face Blindness

Recent ‘60 Minutes’ episode

NINDS Prosopagnosia Information Page


More Info from including:

I've heard that prosopagnosia may be linked to 
autistic spectrum disorders - is this true?

It is true that many people with autistic spectrum disorders also suffer from face recognition impairments. Problems with face processing have also been reported in other developmental disorders such as Williams' syndrome and Turner syndrome. There are various theories concerned with this pattern of presentation, and some researchers believe the face recognition impairment can be attributed to a lack of social interest, and others that perceptual-processing strategy or impaired visuo-spatial skills may be the critical factor. However, while some individuals with prosopagnosia report severe social consequences resulting from the face processing impairment, these are not necessarily an indicator of a concurrent neuro-developmental disorder. On the contrary, there have been reports of a misdiagnosis of high-functioning autism when the underlying impairment is actually prosopagnosia. Importantly, many developmental prosopagnosics do not fulfil [sic] the diagnostic criteria of an autistic spectrum disorder.


Visual and face recognition tests online: 

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