Thursday, July 5, 2012

Technically Speaking...

It's been a busy, busy week and a half for our family, culminating with a fantastic 4th of July celebration with friends last night.
Of course Steve would have spoken thusly: “Technically speaking, we went to the home of our Kidlet’s buddy where there were other family members of the buddy that we had never met before because they live out of state and their infant had just been born.”
Kidlet had just ended a five day baseball tourney, plus the 4th is his birthday.
Steve would have corrected me.
“Technically speaking, the tournament was only four days for Kidlet’s team because they didn’t win their semi-final game so they didn’t play in the championship game which constituted the fifth day.”
Our Manlet laughingly pointed out his dad’s often used phrase last night. (Since our oldest son’s adulthood years nearly equal his kidlet years, he has asked to be referred to as ‘manlet’ - technically speaking.)
I suppose that I must be use to it, but after my attention had been towards that specific phrase, I realized how often my sweet hubby makes that declaration. I bet he thinks it to himself even more often.
That phrase apparently can be learned response as Kidlet uses it also, though he usually scores lower than I do on web-based Aspie tests, technically speaking.
Last night we had another typically odd conversation on the way home.
“Well,” blurts Steve, “It’s nice that Kidlet’s buddy’s parents have four kids.”
As he spoke this, we drove past the family’s eldest daughter walking down the block with her friend.
“No,” I responded, “They have five kids, two sons and three daughters. The middle daughter wasn’t there because she had to work. The little girl that was there is middle daughter’s daughter which, technically speaking, is their granddaughter, as was the baby who is the oldest son’s daughter. The other young woman in attendance at the party was their daughter-in-law, who is their eldest son’s wife and mother of the infant.”
“No!” retorted Steve. “I meant they have four kids in their house.”
“No,” I continued hesitantly. “Technically speaking, there is just one of their kids in the house. We just passed oldest daughter walking. The youngest daughter is outside by the fire with Kidlet’s buddy, the youngest son. So there is just one of their kids in their house. Oldest son with his infant daughter.”
“No!” said Steve. “I meant they have four kids living in their house.”
“No, Dear. Technically speaking, there are only two of their kids living in their house right now. Their oldest son and two oldest daughters live elsewhere, as do their two granddaughters and their daughter-in-law. Only their two youngest kids live at home.”
“I know that,” declares He. “I just meant ‘How many kids do they have?’”
“Well, for crying out loud!” says I. “Why didn’t you just ask that to start with?”
Technically speaking, of course.

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