Friday, July 20, 2012

The World as Seen by My Aspie Hubby

Earlier this week our daughter posted a request for some of Steve's viewpoints.

"I'd love to hear his perspective on how you deal with this. Could be interesting to turn the table. Just a thought."

So, Dear Daughterlet, here are the links to his writing!



  1. I loved his little stories, they're great. :D

    I think you tried a little too hard to match the tone with yours. It hurt my eyes. I'm a writer so I spot things like that...if you try to hard to force a certain style it doesn't really work. Anyway, I enjoyed it all.

    I'm a young guy with Asperger's and I'm getting married next June, so we've been doing a lot of research about it and I came across your blog during one of my obsessive internet research sessions. I'm really enjoying it. It sure is true that we Aspies are all unique--I share a few traits with your guy but I have a lot of differences. I think the family environment has a lot of effect on that. I grew up in a family of nine kids directly south of you on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge, and I was homeschooled, so basically how I learned everything was taking books to my room and reading them and remembering it all.

    It was a really good environment where I wasn't forced to spend time out in society and for the most part nobody seemed to notice that I was so different. I have the best parents and siblings who mostly understood me and usually let me wander off alone to obsess over my special interests. Although now I'm halfway across the country at college and the change has been very hard to deal with. I keep being shocked at how I can be so intelligent and at the same time so clueless about some things.

    1. how very blessed you are to have had your family & upbringing! i am discovering many, many aspies who've been homeschooled - it makes perfect sense to me in order to bolster self esteem in one's child - there are so many people, young and old, who are inherently unkind to those around them who act or appear different - for as much as i see diversity programs in our public schools, i see far more unkindness and even bullying than when i was in school a million years ago - it makes me sad...