Friday, July 20, 2012

Unhappy Face

My phone buzzes. Incoming text from the Hubster.
“Where on the keyboard is the 'unhappy face button'?”
Say what? I call him to inquire.
“I am trying to comment on my truck forum regarding a 1963 Power Wagon PTO conversion involving aluminum housing. The factory winch bumper has no fairlead rollers. The fellow needs to weld A-frame mounts. He doesn’t want to bend the springs if he's got too much torque on the A-frame. Aluminum welding with a 115 volt feeder won't give you the same bead as 22 guage from a 230.... ”
“Okay doke, Sweetie,” I reply in puzzlement. “What does that have to do with an ‘unhappy face button’?”
“Weeellllllll,” and my spouse’s voice trails off.
I walk to the storage closet to grab a duster. I know that Steve is now thinking. It can take him just about the same amount of time to formulate his answer to me as it takes me to dust the living room. So I do. And he does.
“If a specific desire for an M-37 with a hemi is eminent, you’d have to first pull the stock 6 with L head. You’d have to locate a good 4 speed tranny and then…”

Again his voice trails off.
I am now onto the dining room. I love my dining table and chairs until it’s time to dust.
When there’s still no response from the other end of the open line (which I just checked to make sure I didn’t lose connection), I ask Sweetie if he is still there. I now hear keyboard noises. Steve always makes sure he presses (pounds) hard enough to active the keys.
“Steve, are you there?”
“Hummmnnmmm,” is the reply.
“Steve, I really need to get going. What about the ‘unhappy face button’?” I quiz.
“Hmmmfffph! I didn’t think it could be done! The adapter plate for the bellhousing would screw up the factory PTO unless you bolt an NP420 in. That’s why. Which button is the ‘unhappy face’?”
“Sorry Sweetheart. There is no single ‘unhappy face button’ on the keyboard. You have to use…”
“Well, why didn’t you say that in the first place?” Hubby interrupted. “You made me waste my words!”
With that I heard a disconnect. Which is accurate in more ways than one, lol.

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